The Baxter Project, Inc.

Inspiring America

The Baxter Project, Inc will inspire the American people by infusing the history of the United States with the spirit of her potential.

There is a story waiting to be told. A story that has never been told in quite this way. It is a story that begins in Cambridge, England in the 1500's and culminates in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the 1700's. It is a story that weaves a tapestry of truth, using threads from the heart of humanity - bringing together English settlers and Native Americans to found a new nation based upon universal truths that are humanity's birthright. Freedom. Freedom of conscience. Freedom of the individual. This story of commonalities, inspiration and vision is America's origin story, presented from a perspective that will inspire all who hear it.

The Baxter Project, Inc. was formed to realize the vision of James Phinney Baxter, Maine’s visionary philanthropist and historian, to honor the principles and ideals of the Founding Fathers of New England, the Mayflower Pilgrims, The Massachusetts Bay Colony, Salem and Cape Ann, as well as the Wampanoag and other Indians, and the role of these principles and ideals in the founding of America.

The Baxter Project, Inc. is a Massachusetts non-profit corporation, a program of the International Humanities Center, a nonprofit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code.